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Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 120W Car Charger



1. Innovative air guide structure, filter screen to absorb and separate garbage dust gas to avoid secondary pollution.

2. Provide long nozzle joints, brush joints, and extended hose joints to meet daily cleaning needs.

3. Turbine blade design, high efficiency, strong motor, can easily absorb dirt such as paper scraps, gray wool, small stones and so on.

4. Deep cleaning, large and small, dry and wet.

5. It can be placed in the water cup slot, central control and door pockets in the car. It does not take up space and is easy to carry.

6. The filter screen can be cleaned and reused, no need to replace expensive consumables, environmental protection and cost saving.


1. High-efficiency turbine blade design thoroughly cleans dust and hair, deals with smoke ash, dust, hair, crumbs, etc., no dead ends left.

2. A plug-in vacuum cleaner with a 14.8ft power cord and four attachments is flexible and agile to clean every corner in your car.

3. Built-in removable HEPA filter that can be washed for durability and long-term filtration.

4. Lightweight and portable, the cleaner can be placed in the car cup slot, center console, door pockets, and other places, 8.5″ in height, 2″ in diameter, space-saving, easy to take out and carry.

5. A multi-purpose vacuum cleaner can be used to clean your car interior or room. Compact and lightweight, portable, and easy to store.


Product name: Car vacuum cleaner

Product size: About 21.5*5.4cm, cord length is about 4.5 meters

Product material: ABS

Product packaging: Kraft paper box

Packing size: 23*9*8cm

Packing number: 20/piece

Rated speed: 2000 (r/min)

Rated voltage: 12 (V)

Rated input power: 120 (W)

The main scope of application: Dual-use for home and car

Vacuum suction: 4000 (mbar)

Package Content:

1 x Vacuum Cleaner

1 x Brush Attachment

1 x Slot Attachment

1 x Hose

1 x Hose Connector

1 x Power Cord

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 230 × 90 × 80 cm

Black, Black2pcs, White, White2pcs


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